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Raggles wants to explore the world of underwater creatures and heads off to find the sea. When Big Bear tells him the sea is too far away, Raggles is disappointed, but with his friends help he might still get to see a shark after all.

RAGGLES is wearing his flippers and snorkel and tells ROSIE he's going to explore life beneath the waves. He picks up a book and shows her pictures of jellyfish and dolphins.  He might see an octopus or even better - a shark!  ROSIE gently reminds RAGGLES that there’s no sea in the garden, but Raggles is determined…


At the Showground, RAGGLES is disappointed not to find any fish.  He visits the stream, but the water is too shallow. There’s only one thing for it, he will have to go to the sea but BIG BEAR tells him the sea a long way away.


To cheer RAGGLES up, HOLLY helps him to make a colourful fish collage, cutting out fish shapes from coloured paper.  This gives ROSIE an idea… That night she gives RAGGLES a homemade cardboard periscope and tells him to look out of the downstairs window. Raggles looks into the darkness with a gasp…


Paper fish swim along, pulled by BLUEBIRD on pieces of cotton… ARCHIE blows bubbles; OAKLEY is draped in sparkly tinsel which makes him look like a coral reef and HOLLY is dressed like a mermaid.  Suddenly, a huge shark "swims" into view, a paper mâché model with the dormice operating it from underneath.  RAGGLES thinks it’s AMAZING!  He did get to see what life was like under the ocean and he didn’t even need to leave the garden.

Watch even more of Rosie's adventures on our  YouTube Channel. Free Cartoons for Kids

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